responsive-website-designWhat is website design and why is it important?

We understand that your website is sometimes the first port of call for your customers and that a well designed, good looking website design is now very important.

But, even more important than that is that your website is set up to be a selling machine for your business.  That’s what real web design for real business is all about.

Why you ask?

Because your website, unlike your physical business is open for  business and can take orders for you 24 hours a day.  Without staff, without cleaners, without sick days!

This is why is so important to have someone that understands how to craft a website in such a way that it cannot help but make you sales and bring you customers.  It’s just in it’s DNA.

That is why Empire Local are different from your average website seo agency out there.  We understand what it is to run a business because that is what we do every day.

We run our business and work with real local businesses helping them to get their business online, and make sales and gain customers from their local community and countrywide.

We are not some groovy twenty something kid with an outrageous hair cut (not any more anyway, unfortunately) who is all about creativity and design only.

No, we are about building you an awesome income generating, machine that brings in more customers and makes you more money.  Full stop.

How do we do that?

Here’s how…

Building your business website

As we briefly went through on our services overview page, we build your business website using a state of the art technology which is used by many big brands which you will know online.

This is wordpress and it is what is used to build this site here.

We take your business sector into account and also any values and ideas which you may have about your business and then we blend this with what we know works.

Then we create an awesome looking customer magnet website using a deliciously designed theme that does what any great website should do. Make you sales and make you and your business the talk of the town.

We create a mobile responsive website, which basically means you can view your website and it will look great on every device be it a PC, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

This is so important theses days as more and more people are using there smartphones to shop and visit websites online.

Ever been to a website that was not optimised for mobile viewing? Yeah me too.  And what do we do when we get there?  We hit the back button and never return.

Check to see if your website is optimised for mobile viewing

The mere fact that we use wordpress  for building your business website means that sometimes you can be on the first page of Google without doing any other SEO (if your market is not too competitive).

And being on the first page when your customers search for your businesses key terms means you are going to get visited by your prospective clients and customer more frequently meaning more money for you and your business.

Are your ready to rocket your business into the 21st century and leave your competition behind?

Great, then Contact Us now for a Free consultation about how online marketing can benefit your business.