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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and How They Can Help Your Business

I am going to say this right away and that is that your business must have a social media presence. You need to have at the very least a Facebook page for your business. Why, you ask?

Because if you don’t then you risk being left behind by your competitors that do.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have a combined audience of over a billion people. So the question is why wouldn’t you have them rather than why would you.

When we create your social media channels for you we do this using your brand-able images and logos. We want your customers and clients to instantly recognise you and also build up recognition and familiarity with your future clients and customers. 

Setting up your social media sites must be done so that your brand carries across and matches across all the sites. Having the right size and quality of images is also very important.

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Setting Up Your Facebook Page facebook page picture

Setting up your Facebook page will be one of the first things we do when creating your social media marketing strategy for you because of the massive following the site has.

More importantly than that though is it is highly likely to have the majority of your customers there on a daily basis.

Having access to your customers and having the ability to contact them as often as you like is incredibly powerful and when we get into the advanced Facebook social media strategies for you that’s when your business can really take off.

As I mentioned briefly on the Services overview page you can target your customers so specifically now that you just know you will get customers and make sales.  

Want to reach 7000 potential customers within a 5 mile radius of your business?  Done.  In  Under 24 Hours!

After we build your website,  you can immediately start getting traffic (visitors) to your website using Social media and our SEO strategies. We can then start to build a “list” of the people who visit your website and then we can connect, market and sell to these people through social media using a little known technique.

They have visited your website already so we know they are interested in what your business has to offer. That is just a taste of the advanced social media strategies that we can use to make your business more sales.

Setting up your Twitter account

Setting up twitter is another hugely important facet.

Twitter has come on a long way and us no longer seen as just for celebrities.

It is now used as a means for keeping your customers up to speed with your local business.  

Letting them know if you are running any offers or launching a special event is as easy as 1, 2, Tw3et.

(see what I did there).

Regularly keeping in connection with your customers and followers is very important and giving them great, helpful information will go a long way in gaining their attention and trust in your business.

With this attention and trust you can cultivate great relationships with your customers giving your business great authority which in turn will result in your business making more sales.

What The #@@#

You will come across some strange lingo being used on twitter. The hashtag is used when you are discussing a particular topic (#localbusinessmarketing).  

The hashtag can also be used to generate conversations around your brand. So if you have a local marketing business called Empire Local helping local businesses get online and get more customers using online strategies, then your hashtag could be #empirelocal.

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