What is SEO and Why do we need it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation as it is fully known starts with great planning.

It actually starts before we even start building your business website.

Researching of your market and planning your website structure so that it is easy to use for your prospective customers and clients is so so important.

While SEO is about making sure your website is visible and “crawlable” to the search engine spiders, there is also User Experience Optimisation.

User experience optimisation (or UEO) is making sure that your website is easy to use, easy to navigate and find your way around and ultimately easy for your visitor to become a client and customer and actually purchase something from you or give you their details so you can market to them down the line.

That is the real goal of SEO when it comes to your business website. You want to make sales and that is what is at the forefront of our minds when we design and build your website.

In fact that is where SEO really begins.  We look at your market, your competitors your goals and aspirations for your business and use this as a base for launching your SEO campaign.

What are your customers looking for?

Having the right idea about what your customers want is imperative to building a great SEO strategy. To do this we meticulously analyse your market and competition to give us the information we need to help you dominate your market.

We look at what keywords people are typing into the search engines to find your business market and we use these during the building of your website and to build out your SEO strategy.

Taking these keywords we build out your sites content and blog to attract local customers searching for your market, product or service.

Patience is key

The thing to remember about SEO is that it is not an overnight sensation type thing.  It can be a couple of weeks but also can be a slow burner than can sometimes take upwards of two to three months to see any real impact.

Or a better way to put it is it is like a snowball.  A snowball that you push down a hill slowly getting bigger and bigger and gaining momentum and then before too long becoming unstoppable.

Before you know it you have masses of content bringing in customers and sales from all over the Internet (and a huge snowball of course!)

Backlinks. What are they and what do they have to do with SEO?

Backlinks are when other websites put a link to your website from theirs and this is called a backlink or link. When you have lot’s of these links pointing to your website from high authority pages you are seen to be authoritative yourself.

If the BBC linked to one of your local business pages you could be pretty sure that this page will jump, quite probably to the top of the search engines for that chosen key-phrase.

This is not the same as getting thousands of crappy spammy links from a number of troughs throughout the Internet.  This will harm your website so if you get offered these services steer well clear.

What we do when your site is built is we go out and get these high authority backlinks, not by spamming  but by sharing your great, keyword rich content to as many relevant places as possible.

This content will get picked up and shared on (if it’s good) thugs creating a mass of links back to your website.

These backlinks then boost your website in the search engines and let’s not forget your website will be visited from wherever your content is shared and all this gives you a huge SEO benefit.

Being Social

Yes, being active and easy to access on social media channels such as Facebook, Google+ Twitter Youtube and others is now a major part of your SEO strategy.  The reason being is because the search engines give great weight to social media channels.

YouTube is a particular favourite of Google. (wonder why?)

More than this though is the amount of your customers that peruse these social networks. They are on their all the time and that means that your business must be on there too.

As well as having your social media platforms you must also have social media sharing options from your website.  This is so that a great piece of your content can be easily shared by your clients and customers and get viewed by their friends and colleagues.

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