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We’re guessing if you’ve landed on this web page you’ve probably heard about us and what we do.

Maybe you heard about one of our success stories.

Maybe a friend sent you our way.

Or maybe one of your competitors started dominating you in the local area, almost overnight, and you heard on the grapevine that we helped them to do it. 

However you found us – we’re glad to have you here.

Finally A Hands-Free Way For Local Business Owners To Get With The Times (Before They Lose Their Customers And Clients To The Competition)

You don’t have to be a genius to know that the offline world has now moved online. 

Remember the Yellow Pages?

What used to be a huge, chunky directory that children used to stand on has become a shadow of its former self.  

In fact right now as I’m writing this the Yellow Pages is having its last hurrah.  And will be no longer very soon.  Yep, the Yellow Pages gone, forever….

Businesses are now moving online and those that haven’t or are unwilling to adapt are suffering the inevitable consequences.

You see, times change.  And the way in which people look for, interact and search for businesses has changed.

Just look at the Yellow pages example above.  People simply do not search directories anymore. 

Instead, they tap into the awesome power of the Internet to find shops and services that can give them what they want and need. Statistics directly from Google suggest that:

  • 92% of consumers use Google and Facebook every month to find a reputable, local business
  • 77% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results
  • 82% of local searches result in a purchase

Business owners know this. They do. 

But either they bury their head in the sand and choose to ignore the cold reality that the business world has changed – or they are too busy running the business to find time to work out how to get their business in the places it should be if they don’t want to lose out.

The truth is that business owners everywhere are struggling to reach the profit levels they desire because they haven’t ‘updated’ their business to where it should be and their competitors who have are ethically stealing their customer and client base.

Little by little many local businesses are watching their profits gradually erode. Livelihoods are at stake, both that of the business owner and that of their employees. 

The threat of going out of business has become very real. And for many business owners, the Internet is an area of discomfort and insecurity rather than growth and opportunity.

But there’s no need for you to feel that way – because that’s where we come in…

Say Goodbye To Overwhelm, Frustration And Lower Leads And Hello To A Brave New World FULL Of Online Customers

I know that myself and my team can save businesses from the dangers of ignoring the online marketing space for their offline empire.

I know this because of the results we’ve got for people just like you…

"we are starting to dominate the social media scene within our industry."

We were looking at getting a social media presence for our Olivetti Agency UK and I had heard on the grapevine about what Giovanni and his company had been doing for local businesses.

Within the first month we had an established presence online and now, three months in we are starting to dominate the social media scene within our industry.

"They generated us 20 leads in 7 days"

We used Empire for our bespoke garden rooms business. They generated us 20 leads in 7 days. Although we needed to tweak some things with them as we were their first client in our industry we can see the massive potential this has.

"We've listed 7 properties so far this year"

We used Giovanni and his leads service for our Estate agency. We’ve listed 7 properties so far this year with 100’s of leads in the pipeline. Thanks guys.

Empire Local lee-adams

"we started getting quality leads from day one"

We run a bespoke business and found empire as we needed to start using social media to our advantage. They set up our “Empire Matrix” and we started getting quality leads from day one.

Clients We've Worked With...

Empire Local - Waterlows
Empire Local - ian-wilson-the-mortgage-store

We Help Businesses Build their Revenues Using The "Empire Matrix"

You know Facebook ads, Sales Funnels and Lead Nurture Systems are keys key to automating and growing your business, but frankly – you have NO CLUE how to even go about setting them up and using them to your advantage.

If you’ve ever tried building and automating a sales funnel and creating Facebook ads before, you’ll understand exactly how much more complicated they really are – and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of pounds. 

We let business owners like you focus on your zone of genius by taking the whole process off your hands.  

Let me ask you a quick question.  How would it feel to FINALLY have a hands-free lead generation system for your business?  One that generates you consistent, qualified leads that are not just eager but desperate to do business with you?

And what if you had a team of highly trained Facebook & Funnel specialists that built these lead generation systems for you so you could carry on in your business the way you always wanted to?  

Safe in the knowledge that your Facebook lead generation system was taken care of.


About Us

Hi, My name’s Giovanni and I’m the Managing Director here at Empire Local.

I started this business because I watched my parent’s business suffer from the changes that the internet brought about.

Long story short I learned all I could and got to expert level on Facebook, Google and Website/funnel building.

After successfully helping my parents almost double their business within a year I then built a team and we started helping business owners like you build, brand and scale their businesses FAST.

We’d love you to be our next success story so, if you’re interested in growing your business, book a call with me or one of the team today.

To Your success


It Is The Mission Of Myself And My Team To Ensure Businesses Still Thrive The Way They Deserve To. Here’s How We Do It…

We’ve tweaked and streamlined the Empire Matrix customer generation system so that it is proven to work for any business in any industry who:

  • Has an average customer value of £1000+
  • Has money to invest in growing their business – If you don’t have money to invest or don’t want to, we’re not for you.
  • Is looking to increase their business fast
  • Ideally, have a high priced product or service.  This way we can quickly regain for you what you invest with us

And we want to put this in place for you next…

If you are in a position where:

  • You are not currently happy with your level of leads, customers and profits
  • You realise that ignoring online marketing could be harmful or even lethal to your business both short and long term
  • You don’t want to lose your existing customer base to competitors
  • You don’t have the time to spare learning and setting up the online marketing you know you should be doing

…then we are perfect for each other.

You see, here at Empire Local we really can solve all of the problems mentioned above. And we do it in a way which is hands free for you the business owner – leaving you to focus on what you do best which is running your business whilst we ensure your necessary online marketing is all handled for you.

We will:

  • Set up hands free lead generation systems online for you
  • Get you more leads and therefore customers and profits
  • Ensure your business is in the places it needs to be when potential customers search for shops or services like yours
  • Make this all a seamless, stress-free process for you so that your business can continue on the way you always wanted it to.

Now, we completely appreciate this sounds too good to be true. Business owners everywhere are aware that this is what they want and need for their business to survive and thrive.

That’s why we offer something very special…

Each week we offer a limited amount of free phone consultations to local businesses who fit into the criteria of who we work with. 

We focus on these types of businesses because we know with 100% certainty, that we can have a quick and positive impact on their bottom line.

Simply, make sure your business fits the criteria above and if it does schedule your free phone strategy session. Myself or a member of my team will call you and, pressure-free, advise you on what we can do to help get your business where you want it to be.

There is no charge. No obligation to sign up to what we offer. 

We’ll just have a fun, friendly, informative chat with you about your business and then you can decide if you want us to handle everything that needs to be handled if you want to either get to or remain, the number one choice for your product or service.

And even if you don’t decide to work with us we promise you’ll learn something just from our chat that can have a positive effect on your business. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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